Current Needs

Spring has sprung and we’re all coming out of hibernation!  Now is the perfect time to rebuild and fix structures that were damaged by the snow.  It’s also a great time to change the current habitats to better accommodate the current residents.  There are also ongoing medical needs for our residents that need to be addressed.  Current pressing issues include:

  1. Dental surgery for Honey.  Honey is almost 17 years old and has never had her teeth cleaned.  She now has chronic sinusitis and difficulty eating.  She has perfect bloodwork and all her current health problems are related to her dental disease.  She needs to have this minor surgery within the next few weeks.
  2. A larger bird cage for the wild birds – Ralph and Boeing.  Their current cage is an adequate size but they would be much happier with more room.  Our other wild bird, P.A., is currently living in a large travel cage and would then be able to move into the Pagoda cage once Ralph and Boeing vacate it.
  3. Repairs to the existing chicken coop.  The coop needs extensive repairs and the chicken run needs to be cleared and the fence needs to be repaired.  The roof of the chicken coops is badly damaged from the snow storms and needs to be replaced immediately.
  4. Repairs to the existing sheep barn.  We hope to rescue additional animals such as llamas, pigs, sheep or goats but we cannot do this until the existing barn has been repaired.  The entire roof must be replaced.

Please consider donating to help us to achieve these goals.  Helping the animals will help you, as well!  Karma will reward you for your kindness AND you will receive a letter for the IRS detailing your tax-deductible charitable contribution!

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