The Sanctuary

Surrey Hills does not accept animals from the public. Please contact your local animal rescue group if you have an animal that you need to rehome!

Surrey Hills Sanctuary is a non-profit (501(c)3) founded in 2013.  Located on a 6 acre farm in upstate New York, SHS is dedicated to providing a home for senior animals or those with special medical needs.  Many of these animals have been discarded or unloved and SHS is often their last chance to live our their lives in a safe and loving environment.  Our sanctuary is available to farm, companion (dog/cat/bird) and wild animals.  Although senior and medical needs animals are our specialty, we occasionally provide a home for animals that are healthy but due to special circumstances are without a home.  In line with our mission, our sanctuary provides a permanent home for select wild/feral animals and birds that are unreleasable due to special medical needs.

Surrey Hills Sanctuary is not a rescue organization or your typical animal shelter.  Our animals arrive at our door only via referral from veterinarians, shelters and wildlife rehabiliators.  We rarely adopt out our animals, unless we feel that the potential adopter will be able to care for the animal’s special needs.  SHS is an alternative to euthanasia for most of these animals.  We provide them with the love, attention, care and enrichment that will enable them to live fulfilling lives, despite their physical limitations or age.

SHS is also proud to have founded “The Chix Fund”.  TCF helps raise money for pet parents of limited means who have special needs animals.  No person should have to choose between paying the rent and saving their pet’s life!  The Chix Fund (TCF) can help!

Visits to SHS are available by appointment.  Educational resources are available on our website.  SHS staff travel all over the world lecturing about animal welfare issues.  Please contact us to book one of our staff for your event.

All donations are tax-deductible as a charitable contribution!

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